Profitable Group has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons and there is a large and growing number of investors who believed that they have been scammed and lied to.

Togetherness is strength. If you are also a victim of profitable group, please enter your grievance in the form below.

However, Do not spam by posting more than once. Post only for yourself and ask your friends to post themself if they are also vicitmised. If you have to post for your friends as they are not net savy, please get their permission to do so.

Please be more specific in the investment you are in like Colchester(Spring Grove), Concorde Village or Boron investments instead of "land, energy" If you need to provide more details, use the additional info box. Please refrain from writing essay. Please provide at least a real email for us to contact you to group together to file a lawsuit against them
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Profitable Group victim (Raj Chotrani)

Name: Raj Chotrani

Total Investment amount SGD 100, 000

Products/Schemes invested in: AAA Philippines, Concord Village

What you have been promised verbally or on paper. 1. 12.5% annually on AAA products
2. Philippine deal likely to close within 2 months (2008)

Additional information Dear Aggrieved Investors:

We are holding an investors' meeting on Saturday 26 February, 2011, 2.00 — 4.00 pm.

This is the Agenda:

1. Updates and developments since our last meeting on 27th November, 2010

2. We will explain steps you need to take to protect your investments (UK properties only)

3. Q&A and discussion as on next steps we ALL need to take (all PP products)

The Venue:

Level 4, Unit 16-17
Golden Mile Complex
5001 Beach Road

Each attendee will be asked to contribute SGD 1.00 to 3.00, for payment of use of facilities. The exact amount will be determined later.

Directions to the Venue:

MRT: Nicoll Highway (on the Circle Line / yellow line) – short 10 mins walk from station – take OFFICE lifts (==> best is the set of lifts opposite Five Star Tours)

Car : Hourly rated parking at Basement – park at EAST or WEST WING. Must stairs to Level 1, then use OFFICE Lifts to level 4. If parked at WEST WING, the office lift is Opposite Five Star Tours at Level 1.

NOTE: MALAYSIAN and THAI attendees: Golden Mile Complex is at BEACH ROAD, which is the terminus for the majority of interstate coaches arriving in Singapore from Malaysia and Thailand. If you are arriving by coach, check whether your terminus is at Beach Road.

Please respond asap if you are attending.


This meeting is open to investors only. No proxies please — we will be strict here and they will be asked to leave. We will check ICs and/or passports to make sure no outsiders infiltrate.

Keep the content of the meeting confidential and do not speak with the press at this moment — this leakage may work against the safety of our investments.

Raj Chotrani


Contact number (optional)

Email Address:

Date/Time: 2011-02-15 06:39:32 PST
Sender IP: [Singapore] | e8gfom1pl1t5xkca


  1. I am not the owner of this site.

  2. Profitable Plots directors charged with cheating

    The three were each accused of authorising an unidentified agent of Profitable Plots to mislead investors into thinking their funds 'would be used exclusively to finance the purchase of Boron CLS Bond that had purportedly been pre-sold to major corporations. -BT
    Grace Leong

    Wed, Mar 28, 2012
    The Business Times

    SINGAPORE - Three directors of beleaguered land banking firm Profitable Plots were each charged with 86 criminal counts of cheating investors of US$2.4 million on investments related to an industrial lubricant called Boron.

    John Andrew Nordmann, Timothy Nicholas Goldring and Geraldine Anthony Thomas were each charged in Singapore's Subordinate Courts with abetment for conspiracy to defraud 86 investors, according to charges brought on behalf of the Commercial Affairs Department by Kevin Yong, deputy public prosecutor for the Attorney-General's Chambers.

    The three directors were each accused of authorising an unidentified agent of Profitable Plots to mislead investors into thinking their funds 'would be used exclusively to finance the purchase of Boron CLS Bond, that had purportedly been pre-sold to major corporations, which representation (they) knew to be untrue.'

    It is unclear how many of the Boron investors are from Singapore. So far, no criminal charges have been brought against Profitable Plots over the land investment products it offered.

    'This will give comfort to the PP investors who've been anxiously waiting for the outcome of the investigations,' said David Gerald, president and chief executive of Securities Investors Association (Singapore).

    Wendell Wong, Profitable Plots' lawyer and a director of Drew & Napier LLC, said he had requested for his clients' bail to be reduced because the amount of S$600,000 for each defendant was 'grossly excessive to secure the defendants' attendance in court.'

    The court yesterday ordered Mr Wong's clients' bail to be reduced to S$400,000 each. 'But since all three can't post bail at S$400,000 each, they're remanded at Singapore Changi Remand Prison pending a criminal case disclosure conference on April 20'.

    Mr Wong said the defendants will be claiming trial and defending the charges against them.

    To date, more than 320 complaints have been filed with CAD against Profitable Plots, which was accused of cheating investors of more than S$30 million in various schemes it had promoted, according to a report from CAD earlier this month.