Profitable Group has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons and there is a large and growing number of investors who believed that they have been scammed and lied to.

Togetherness is strength. If you are also a victim of profitable group, please enter your grievance in the form below.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Profitable Group victim (Rachel Teo)

Name: Rachel Teo

Total Investment amount GBP 26,000

Products/Schemes invested in: AAA

What you have been promised verbally or on paper. 1st A : Yearly 12.5 %(delay payment, but did receive payment), 2nd A : When Philippines land sold(announcement already made of completion of this event), 3rd A : Concorde Village planning order issued (this event is an insurance to my investment, requested funding is entrusted to a trusty).

Additional information Have been following the case, I am really doutful who really will benefit from this case (ie take Profitable Group to CAD). This is my conclusion, those that do not invest any cents and are extremely 'helpful' in helping the 'victimes of PG). Just think logically, Mr Ho from CAD (his number 65575459) told me that PG is initiating legal proceeding. Call him and ask "Is PG initiating a legal proceeding?". This is comforting for me as an investor, it only tells me that PG is being responsible and is a genuine case of Cashflow issue. Bring in CAD will only prolong the process, delay the payment and even lost everything single cents. Those that can think, shouldn't you withdraw your case ? The only reason of not doing that will only tell me that you have alternate agenda and you properly are not a pure investor. You can always call me or write to me.

Contact number (optional) 90172007

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Date/Time: 2010-09-12 06:31:48 PDT
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1 comment:

  1. Rachel. Post the name of the person or company buying the Profitable Group land in the Philippines. After all everyone involved should be proud of that transaction.

    According to Profitable Group the land in the Philippines (if it even exists) is always just about to be sold and never is.

    This is like a broken record from Profitable Group that always hints at a huge deal just around the corner and a big threat of non-payment if you complain.

    Concorde Village is worthless because it cannot get planning permission. The inital payout on Boron / AAA was to enourage you to invest more money - it was part of tehir cost of sale - they wont be making any more payments. Do you know anyone who got a second payment ?

    Everyone should follow up with the CAD now.