Profitable Group has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons and there is a large and growing number of investors who believed that they have been scammed and lied to.

Togetherness is strength. If you are also a victim of profitable group, please enter your grievance in the form below.

However, Do not spam by posting more than once. Post only for yourself and ask your friends to post themself if they are also vicitmised. If you have to post for your friends as they are not net savy, please get their permission to do so.

Please be more specific in the investment you are in like Colchester(Spring Grove), Concorde Village or Boron investments instead of "land, energy" If you need to provide more details, use the additional info box. Please refrain from writing essay. Please provide at least a real email for us to contact you to group together to file a lawsuit against them
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Profitable Group victim (Dennis Koh)

Name: Dennis Koh

Total Investment amount 20000 GBP(Approximate)

Products/Schemes invested in: AAA Concorde Village plot and 1 normal Concorde Village plot

What you have been promised verbally or on paper. I have been promised 12.5% returns on an annual basis. The maturity is last September but I have not received any payouts. Have tried calling my client service manager but he keep delaying my payments, claiming that they are onto something BIG in Phillipines.

Additional information As I was in and out of Singapore due to my work commitiments, I only heard from this group though the newspapers and via some links on the net today. Please do guide me what I can do to further our cause to get back all if not some of our investments. I will want to sign on a petition or participate actively whatever is required of me to achieve our common goal.Do correspond and update me via email. Thanks a lot.

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Date/Time: 2010-06-13 09:44:08 PDT
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